The 2009 Delphi for PHP Survey

Thank you for taking the time to take the 2009 Delphi for PHP user survey. Your valuable feedback will help guide the future of Delphi for PHP. This survey should take approximately 20 minutes to complete. We know your time is valuable and so we greatly appreciate your participation in this annual survey.

Note: When taking the survey, if you select "Other" for any answer, please be sure to fill in the associated edit box.

The Delphi for PHP Team

General Information

1.1.  What versions of Delphi for PHP do you or have you owned? Please select all that apply.
1.2.  Which version of Delphi for PHP are you currently using?
1.3.  Please rate your most recent Delphi for PHP purchase in the following areas:
Feature Set
Platform Support (OS, Database, etc.)
1.4.  What languages do you currently develop in? (Check all that apply...)
1.5.  Which statement most closely matches your use of Delphi for PHP?
1.6.  Have you developed a public website with Delphi for PHP? If so, please enter the URL below.


2.1.  How would you rate your use of the following IDE features?
 Don't know about itDon't Care/Don't UseUse it some of the timeUse it all the time
Welcome Page
Block Completion
Class Completion
Code Completion
Dockable Windows
Code Folding
Structure View
VCL for PHP Designer
Data Explorer
Code Templates
Error Insight
Help Insight
Structure Pane
Data Viewer
Code Profiler
Source Code Formatter
2.2.  IDE Enhancements: Please rate the following IDE features based upon your desire to see them in Delphi for PHP.
 No OpinionDon't Want ItWould be nice to haveStrongly Want It
Javascript Debugging
Refactoring for PHP
Overall improvements on the Templated Forms visual designer
Integrate visual CSS designing capabilities
History Tab to maintain file backups ("source control lite")
Source Control Integration into the IDE
Preview Tab for Designer
Error Insight for Javascript
To Do list items in code
Code Insight for CSS
Use XDebug as default debugger
Inspect/Evaluate tool
Remote debugger
Code Insight for HTML
Code Insight for Javascript
Enhance data access in the IDE, to provide extra tools and database support
Remote file systems to work directly on the server
phpDoc IDE integration
phpUnit IDE integration
2.3.  Please indicate one other IDE feature that you would like to see added or enhanced.
2.4.  VCL for PHP Enhancements: According to your development needs, please allocate 100 points across the following potential VCL for PHP framework enhancements to indicate the relative amount of support and features you would like to see Embarcadero focus on for your particular needs. Assign any amounts to each feature from 0 to 100, so that the total of all the entries is 100.
Support for the Facebook API
Support for the complete Zend Framework
Additional PEAR components (PHP Extension and Application Repository)
Complete support for the ExtJS library
Support for the jQuery library
Support for the PDO data access components (PHP Data Objects)
Reporting components and solutions
Support for the JPGraph charting library
Have the VCL components generate code according to a specified doctype
Object-Relational Mapping components
2.5.  Please indicate one other VCL for PHP feature that you would like to see added or enhanced.
2.6.  How would you like Delphi for PHP to assist with the deployment of your PHP applications? (Choose all that apply)
2.7.  Are you CURRENTLY developing applications for any of the following social networking sites? (Please choose all that apply.)
2.8.  Do you have any FUTURE plans to develop applications for any of the following social networking sites? (Please choose all that apply.)
2.9.  Would you be interested in develop multiplatform desktop applications using PHP?
2.10.  Third-party Controls: Please rate the following areas based on your interest in seeing VCL components for that area.
 No OpinionDon't Want ItWould be nice to haveStrongly Want It
Data Access
Advanced Interface Design

Development Types

3.1.  What types of applications will you be building or maintaining with Delphi for PHP in the next 12 months?
3.2.  If you develop web applications with a tool other than Delphi for PHP, what tool do you use? (Check all that apply....)
3.3.  If you develop web applications with a technology other than PHP, what do you use? (Check all that apply....)
3.4.  Do you develop your own custom VCL for PHP components?


4.1.  Which databases do you require Delphi for PHP to connect to? (Choose all that apply ...)
4.2.  Which Delphi for PHP database technologies do you use? (Choose all that apply ...)
4.3.  What is the largest database that your applications interact with?

Development Environment

5.1.  What kind of processor does your primary development machine have?
5.2.  Which operating system do you use to run Delphi for PHP on your primary development machine?
5.3.  How much memory does your primary development machine have?
5.4.  How do you deploy your PHP applications?


6.1.  Which localized language version of Delphi for PHP IDE do you use in your day-to-day work?
6.2.  What languages other than the above would you like to see the Delphi for PHP IDE translated into?
6.3.  Do you localize your Delphi for PHP applications into any other languages other than your native language?


7.1.  How would you rate the following areas of the documentation?
 PoorFairGoodVery GoodExcellent
F1 Reference Help
IDE Dialog Help Button Content
VCL for PHP Reference Help
7.2.  Do you contribute to the Delphi for PHP Documentation Wiki?


8.1.  How did you or your organization purchase Delphi for PHP?
8.2.  What role did you play in the purchase of Delphi for PHP from Embarcadero?
8.3.  What means of delivery do you prefer for receiving your copy of Delphi for PHP?
8.4.  Which is your preferred method to acquire Delphi for PHP upgrades and updates?
8.5.  How frequently would you prefer to upgrade?
8.6.  When you make an upgrade decision, which of the following factor into the decision?
8.7.  Which of the following do you consider barriers or impediments to your making an upgrade decision? (Choose all that apply...)


9.1.  Do you use other Embarcadero products? (Choose all that apply ...)

Your Organization

10.1.  How many programmers overall (all languages) do you estimate are in your entire organization?
10.2.  How many programmers are there on your development team (as opposed to your whole organization)?
10.3.  How many Delphi for PHP developers do you estimate are in your entire organization?
10.4.  What is the approximate annual revenue in US Dollars of your entire organization?
10.5.  On average, how much in US Dollars does your company spend per developer on development tools annually?
10.6.  Which of the following best describes the nature of your development team (i.e. I/We are a...)?
10.7.  Which of the following best describes your organization's industry or the industry for which you primarily write software?
10.8.  How old are you?
10.9.  How many years have you been programming?
10.10.  In what country or region are you or your organization based?