Sample - Employee Survey

XXX Company

Type your introduction to this survey and contact information so that respondents can contact you if they have any problems or concerns.

Section 1

1.1.  My position in the company is in:
1.2.  My job classification is best described as:
1.3.  I have worked for the company:

Section 2

In this section, you are asked to express your views on a number of issues. Please give us your opinion based on your current perceptions of the company.

2.1.  I have the skills necessary to perform my job effectively.
2.2.  I have a clear idea of my job responsibilities.
2.3.  Employees in the company are treated with respect, regardless of their job.
2.4.  The morale in my department is generally high.
2.5.  The information I need to do my job is readily available to me.
2.6.  There is too much unnecessary paperwork in my job.
2.7.  Employee suggestions to improve the company are acted upon by management.
2.8.  My department is well-managed.
2.9.  The company as a whole is well-managed.
2.10.  I am proud to work at the company.

Section 3

This section includes a series of questions about your job and performance evaluation.

3.1.  Overall, how satisfied are you with the supervision you receive?
3.2.  My performance is evaluated against criteria that make sense for my job responsibilities.
3.3.  When your performance was discussed with you in the past, how often did you receive practical suggestions for improving your work?
3.4.  Overall, how would you rate the company as a place to work compared with other companies for which you have worked?

Section 4

Finally, we need some basic information to make the survey more useful to the company.

4.1.  What is your gender?
4.2.  What is your age?
4.3.  Please give any comments on how the company can be improved.