Customer Satisfaction Survey

Professional Messenger and Attorney Service

In order to maintain quality messenger and attorney services, we would like to get your input. Please evaluate the following areas:

Section 1

1.1.  How would you rate Professional Messenger Delivery Service?
1= Strongly disagree, 10 = Strongly Agree,
Dispatchers convey confidence
Dispatchers convey knowledge and expertise
Dispatchers are frindly and courteous
Dispatchers are helpful
Dispatchers are responsive
Dispatchers communicate well
Dispatchers are friendly and accountable
Packages are delivered on time
Dispatchers communicate delays
Messengers are courteous and professional
Overall evaluation of Professional Messenger
1.2.  How can we better serve you?

Section 2

2.1.  How would you rate Taylor/Price Attorney Service?
1= Strongly disagree, 10 = Strongly Agree,
Quality of court filing Service
Quality of Service of Process
Process Servers are knowledgeable and helpful
Office Staff provide expert advice
Office Staff is helpful and responsive
Process Servers advance checks when necessary
Service is completed according to the instructions
2.2.  How can we better serve you?

Section 3 - Optional

3.1.  In order for us to provide better service, please provide us with your name and email. We would like to contact you.