Autobody Source Survey

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Please rate WHY you read the Autobody Source publication:

Choose as many that apply

1.1.  Why do you read/use the Autobody Source?
1.2.  Which top 3 product lines featured in the current Autobody Source do you use on a regular basis?
1.3.  Have you recently purchased an item (from a supplier) that was featured in the Autobody Source?
1.4.  How often would you normally purchase a featured product?
1.5.  What would be your primary source for these products?

1.6.  What aspects of the Autobody Source are important to you?
Competitive Pricing
Innovative Products
Good Promotions
Easy to Read
Ease of Ordering
Technical Information
1.7.  Where do you get your technical information?
1.8.  What are the top items you look for in the Autobody Source? (i.e. spray guns, body filler, tools, etc.)
1.9.  What other industry publications do you subscribe to or buy from?
1.10.  How would you rate the Autobody Source to these other publications?

Please tell us about you and your business

2.1.  What is your primary type of business?
Please specify
2.2.  What type of business do you work for or own?
Please specify
2.3.  How many employees are at your location?

2.4.  Which title best describes your position?

2.5.  Which age group do you fall into?

2.6.  Within your business, who has the purchasing responsibilities for refinish products?
Please specify
2.7.  What are your ANNUAL paint purchases
2.8.  Based on annual purchases, how much of that is Allied product?

2.9.  How many years of experience do you have in the automotive aftermarket?
2.10.  Do you have internet access at work?
2.11.  Do you utilize the internet for industry information on a daily basis?
2.12.  How much of your business day is used on the web or using email?

Contact Information

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