The Financial Brokers represent five big major companies in Canada among which three insurance companies, one Mutual Fund Company and one bank. We thank you for your participation in the survey. Its purpose is to make it possible for us to listen to the often neglected small businessowners and to determine the best way to serve them.

Business Definition

1.1.  Type of business
1.2.  How long have you been in this business?
1.3.  Please state the nature of your business.
1.4.  Do you have any employees?
1.5.  If yes, how many?
1.6.  Do your employees have group benefits from your business?

General feelings about your business

2.1.  Please rate the following statements...
 Strongly agreeAgreeDisagreeStrongly disagree
The provincial government does not do enough for small business owners
I pay too many taxes.
The money I make with my business is not worth the time I spend on it
I am very happy with my business.
My business has improved along with the economic growth of the province
My business will take care of me at old age.
If I was to start all over again I'd do exactly the same thing.
2.2.  How optimistic are you about the Canadian economy today?

Bank services

3.1.  How many banks do you deal with for your business
One onlyTwo banksThree or more banks
3.2.  Please rate the following as...
 Very Importantrather importantrather unimportantNot important at all
Knowing personally the Manager of the bank
Dealing with only one bank representative who knows my file personally
Having a bank representative to visit me and advise me on new products & services
Dealing with people rather than the ATM
Having all my bank services, insurance and investment with only one bank
Having a good line of credit
3.3.  In general how would you rate your level of satisfaction with the bank/s you deal with today?

Health & Dental, Life & Disability Insurance...

4.1.  Have you ever been approached by an insurance agent?
4.2.  If yes, on how many occasions?
4.3.  Presently do you have:
Health & Dental benefits (or group benefits)
Disability insurance
Travel insurance
Life insurance
Critical illness insurance
Mortgage insurance on your business or residence
4.4.  How important is it for you as a small businessowner to have the following:
 Very importantrather importantrather unimportantNot important at all
Health & Dental Benefits (or group benefits)
Disability insurance
Critical illness insurance
Life insurance
Travel insurance


5.1.  Today do you have assets invested in
RESP for your children
Real Estate
Mutual or Segregated Funds
5.2.  How would you evaluate your knowledge of
 ExcellentGoodNot goodPoor
Tax-sheltered products
Capital Gains Exemption & Capital Gains Taxation
Dividend Funds & Tax treatment
Retirement Planning
Estate Planning
5.3.  How financially secure do you feel you are today...
5.4.  How financially secure do you feel your family is today...
5.5.  How would you rate your expectations of a good insurance or investment advisor?
 Very importantrather iImportantrather unimportantNot important at all
Reliable & honest
Clear explanation & total disclosure
Representative of a big Canadian Company
Efficient in convincing & closing
To develop with you a long term relationship
Must not be new in the business
Must be a friend or a relative
Must have been referred to me
Handles my general insurance, life, disability, Health insurance & investment
Immediately available if I need him
Respectful of my time & my decision to buy
Must be of my ethnical community
5.6.  On the list below, is there anything you will eventually wish to purchase?
(check all that apply)
5.7.  If yes, when
5.8.  Would you eventually want to have help on the following?
Tax-sheltered planning to pay less taxes?
Retirement planning to establish a sound income at old age
Estate planning (transferring your assets to your children)
Mutual Fund Investment
5.9.  One day, will you wish to plan the transfer of the business ownership to your children?
5.10.  At what age do you wish to retire?
5.11.  At what age do you expect you will retire?

Business owner identification

6.1.  Please provide us with your name and your business name
Full name:
Business name:
Address of business:
6.2.  Sex
6.3.  Age group
6.4.  Marital Status
6.5.  If married or common-law, does your spouse work?
6.6.  How many children do you have?
The Financial Brokers thank you for your time. We are confident that this research will guide us on the best possible ways to create a fruitful and promising business relationship with small businessowners. You will receive a report of the survey before the end of February 2001.