Association Member Survey

XXX Association

We are conducting this survey is to collect feedback from you, the members, to ensure that our association is the organization you want it to be.

Section 1

1.1.  What is your overall level of satisfaction with our Association? *
Very DissatisfiedDissatisfiedNeutral/No OpinionSatisfiedVery Satisfied
1.2.  Please rate the following in terms of quality...
Annual Conference
Member Benefit Program
Networking Events
1.3.  Over the past year as a member, which of the following association events have you attended?
1.4.  If you were the Executive Director of this Association, what changes would you make?

Section 2

2.1.  What is your gender? *
2.2.  How long have you been a member of our association? *
Less than 6 months6 month - 1 year1 - 2 years3 - 4 yearsOver 4 years
2.3.  Your Contact Information:
2.4.  We welcome any other comments or suggestions:
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