C++Builder Developer Survey 2007

Thank you for taking the time to take the 2007 C++Builder Developer Survey. Your valuable feedback will help guide the future of C++Builder at CodeGear. This survey should take appoximately 30 minutes to complete. We know your time is valuable and the CodeGear C++Builder team greatly appreciates your participation in this survey.

The CodeGear C++Builder Team

General Information

1.1.  What version of C++Builder/Turbo C++ is your most recent version?
1.2.  Which C++Builder/Turbo C++ edition is your most recent?
1.3.  Please rate your most recent C++Builder purchase using the following categories:
Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
VCL Components
C++/C language/library standards compatibility
Windows operating system support
Database support
Internet technology support (Web applications/services, TCP, etc)
Application architecture support (Rich Client, GUI, client/server, multi-tier, etc)
Product quality/stability
1.4.  From which previous version of C++Builder/Turbo C++ did you upgrade to this version?
1.5.  Please rate your satisfaction with your most recent C++Builder purchase when compared with your previous C++Builder purchase:
 Significantly HigherSomewhat HigherSameSomewhat LowerSignificantly Lower
Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
VCL Components
C++/C language/library standards compatibility
Windows operating system support
Database support
Internet technology support (Web applications/services, TCP, etc)
Application architecture support (Rich Client, GUI, client/server, multi-tier, etc)
Product quality/stability
1.6.  What was your first C++Builder purchase?
1.7.  Which C++ product do you currently use as your primary "day to day" IDE or editor?
1.8.  What are the reasons you use the above as your primary C++ development tool?
1.9.  Which other development tools do you use?
1.10.  If you use Developer Studio 2006, which language do you use the most? (Turbo users -- choose the language you use)
1.11.  How many years have you been programming using the C++ language?
1.12.  Which programming languages do you currently use?
1.13.  If you haven't upgraded to C++Builder 2006, have you:
1.14.  If you haven't upgraded to C++Builder 2006, what are your reasons for not upgrading? (Choose all that apply ...)
1.15.  Please add any additional comments that you might have about the current C++Builder product you are using.


2.1.  Which localized language version of C++Builder do you use in your day-to-day work?
2.2.  Do you require a C++ IDE localized to a language other than English, French, German, and Japanese (if yes, specify the language or languages)?
2.3.  Do you localize your applications for use by your customers?
2.4.  If you were to require the ability to internationalize your applications, what type of international encoding would you need?
2.5.  I localize my applications using the following languages...


3.1.  Beyond 32-bit Windows, when do you plan to start developing applications for these platforms?
 Currently DevelopingIn the next 6 monthsIn the next 6 - 12 months1-2 YearsMore than 2 yearsDon't KnowNever
Windows Vista
64-bit Windows
Solaris / HPUX / AIX / FreeBSD / other Unix
Mobile Windows (Pocket PC, Windows CE, .Net Compact Framework, etc.)
3.2.  What types of applications do you develop or plan to develop for Microsoft .NET?
3.3.  Which .NET languages do you use or plan to use for .NET development?
3.4.  If you require native 64-bit support, please rate the following factors that define that need:
 Don't needSomewhatDefinitely
Need for memory beyond 4GB
Customers demanding 64-bit software
Want to take advantage of existing 64-bit hardware
Need to be on the cutting edge of technology
3.5.  What size memory address space do you require for your applications?
3.6.  For new C++ applications or those that you are still maintaining, which Windows operating systems do you need to deploy to over the next 24 months?
3.7.  Do you have plans to build native code Mobile/Embedded Windows applications?
3.8.  Do you have plans to build managed code Compact Framework applications?
3.9.  What types of Mobile applications are you planning to build?
3.10.  How would you rate your need for support for the following features?
 Have to have it nowWant it soonNice to haveDon't CareDo not want it/Will never need it
Win32 native code development
Win64 native code development
Managed code Windows development
Unicode for Win32 VCL
Compact Framework development
MFC development
DirectX development
XAML support


4.1.  Which C++ component, frameworks and libraries do you use?
4.2.  Which debugging features would you find most useful?
4.3.  How would you rate your use of the following IDE features?
 My version doesn't have that featureDon't know about itDon't Care/Don't like it/Turn it offUse it some of the timeUse it all the timeCan't live without it
Block Completion
Class Completion
Code Completion
Current Line Highlighting
Parentheses Matching
Dockable Windows
Code Folding
Structure View
Welcome Page
HTML Tag Editor
VCL Designer Guidelines
Build / Link events
History Tab
Data Explorer
Live Templates
Help Insight
Compiling project from command-line
Source code control integration
Typelib editor
4.4.  What is your main use of the Welcome Page? (if your product has one)
4.5.  Which type of Form Designer layout do you use the most?
4.6.  If modeling support was added to C++Builder, what features would you use?
4.7.  Which ActiveX/COM development features do you use?
4.8.  Please rate your use of the following compiler / debugger / library features:
 Most importantVery ImportantQuite importantSomewhat importantLess important
Higher ANSI/ISO C++ Standard compilance
Choice of STL to use
TR1 Std Library
Boost C++ libraries
C99 conformance
Fast compile time
Code generation for Intel 64-bit chips
Code generation for AMD 64-bit chips
Code generation/optimizations that increases runtime performance
Better floating point performance
Compactness of code
Managed code
Improved memory handling
Remote debugging
C++ support for new Delphi language features
Cross compilation to other platforms
Mobile/device support
Compatibility with COFF (Microsoft's binaries) object file format
Microsoft PDB (Program Database) debug support
DWARF debug support
4.9.  Please rate your use of the following third-party products that are included with C++Builder:
 Critical part of my developmentFrequent use in my projectsOccasional UseEvaluated, decided not to useNever looked at it
Internet Direct (Indy)
Rave Reports
4.10.  Please rate your interest in adding the following language and library features to future versions of C++Builder:
 Highly DesiredModerately DesiredLittle InterestNo Interest
Concurrency (for multi-threading/multi-core/multi-processing)
Design by Contract
long long type
decltype operator
Auto keyword
Template aliases
New name for the null pointer - nullptr
Strongly typed enums
Dynamic libraries
Extensible literals
Garbage collection
Macro scopes
Decimal types
Initializer lists
Lambda functions
4.11.  If you could have one new C++Builder feature, what would it be and why?
4.12.  Below are items we are considering in future C++ versions. Please give your view with regard to the timing of each item.
 Not NeededNeed EventuallyNeed next yearNeed this yearNeed TodayNeeded last year
Vista Support
Native 64-Bit Support
Unicode for Win32 VCL
4.13.  If you were to design a custom edition of C++Builder or Developer Studio to suit your specific needs, what would it include?

Application Types

5.1.  What types of C++ applications will you be maintaining in the next 12 months?
5.2.  What types of new C++ projects will you be starting/creating in the next 12 months?
5.3.  What percentage of your C++Builder development is of these types? (Choose all that apply and specify a percentage amount for each ...)
5.4.  What is your primary technology used to develop web applications with C++?
5.5.  If you develop web applications with a tool or language other than C++, what tool do you use?
5.6.  If you develop web applications, what are the main issues and/or challenges that you encounter?
5.7.  If you sell your applications, what is the primary way you sell them?


6.1.  With which databases do you require C++Builder connectivity?
6.2.  Which C++Builder database technologies do you use?
6.3.  If you use the BDE, what is the primary database that use?
6.4.  Do you use a object persistence layer in your C++ applications?
6.5.  If you are not using object persistence layer, which of the following best describes why not:


7.1.  In what form do you prefer the C++Builder documentation to be delivered?
7.2.  Please rate which type of help is most useful to you:
 Most usefulVery usefulQuite usefulSomewhat usefulLess usefulNot useful
Function Key 1 (F1) reference help
Project/Code examples
Procedural (HowTo's)
Conceptual Overviews
Dialog Help Button Content
Framework/API References


8.1.  Which of the following best describes your view of the registration/activation process?
8.2.  Please provide any additional comments about the registration/activation system

CodeGear Developer Network

9.1.  How often do you visit the CodeGear Developer Network?
9.2.  What method do you use to read the CodeGear Developer Network?
9.3.  Have you reported suggestions and problems using Quality Central?
9.4.  Do you use CodeCentral to upload or download source code or other files?
9.5.  How often do you use the CodeGear Internet newsgroups?

Training and Certification

10.1.  How important to you is a C++ Developer Certification program?
10.2.  When was the last time you attended formal training related to C++ application development, including C++Builder. If never, skip to 10.4
10.3.  The last formal training was supplied by:
10.4.  On average, how many days per year do you do formal training related to C++ application development?
10.5.  How much did your company spend (total amount) in 2006 for formal training related to C++ application development?
10.6.  Please rate your views on the different types of training shown below:
 Strongly DislikeDislikeNeutralPreferStrongly Prefer
Classroom Training at your company site
Classroom traing in a "public enrollment" class
Online training with an instructor via the Internet
Self-paced online training with tests
CD-based Training
10.7.  Which C++ topic areas could CodeGear provide with most value to you? (Free format answer)


11.1.  How much to you typically spend per developer on 3rd-party VCL controls for each C++Builder release?
11.2.  How many commercial (i.e. require payment) components or component packages do you use in your applications?
11.3.  How many freeware or open source components or component packages do you use in your applications?
11.4.  On average, how many books do you purchase annually that are related to C++ application development ?
11.5.  How useful is the Partner Tools CD/DVD (included with the C++ product) to you?
11.6.  What source control management system do you use?
11.7.  Which of the following best describes your view of open source code and open source tools geared towards development?
11.8.  What other CodeGear products do you use?


12.1.  How did you or your organization purchase C++Builder?
12.2.  What role did you play in the purchase of C++Builder?
12.3.  Which way would you rather purchase C++Builder?
12.4.  Would you purchase C++Builder/Turbo C++ via electronic software distribution (i.e. as a download only)?
12.5.  If you were to purchase C++Builder/Turbo C++ as a download, what is the largest download size that would be practical for you?
12.6.  Please specify how important the following development tool buying criteria are to you:
 Most importantVery importantQuite importantSomewhat importantLess important
New features
Documentation / Help
Multiple platform support
Industry standards support
Frequest updates, patches, and hot fixes
Bug reporting and tracking
Clearly defined product roadmap
Customer Service / Technical Support
Annual subscriptions / maintenance
Sales and Marketing, Advertising
Company image
Web Site information
Developer Network
Training and Certification availability
Number of books available for the product

Your Organization and You

13.1.  How many programmers are there on your development team (as opposed to your whole organization)?
13.2.  How many C++ developers do you estimate are in your entire organization?
13.3.  How many programmers overall (all languages) do you estimate are in your entire organization?
13.4.  What is the approximate annual revenue of your entire organization?
13.5.  On average, how much does your company spend (per developer) on development tools annually?
13.6.  Which of the following best describes the nature of your organization (i.e. I/We are a...)?
13.7.  Which of the following best describes your organization's industry or the industry for which you primarily write software?
13.8.  How much memory does your primary development machine have in it?
13.9.  In what country or region are you or your organization based?

13.10.  How old are you?
13.11.  How many years have you been programming?
13.12.  How do you rate yourself as a developer ...
13.13.  Which printed magazines do you read regularly?
13.14.  Which online magazine / community web sites do you visit regularly?