Online Lottery Survey

First, we want to thank you for taking the time to do this survey. Let me explain its purpose. I'm doing market research for a client who wants to develop the perfect lottery site containing everything that potential customers want. Thanks to your input, we can design and deliver this ideal lottery site.

We can't give you details of the lottery just yet, because we're still developing it in tandem with feedback such as yours. What we can do is let you know when the lottery is live so you can see how your contribution has influenced its design and content. If you would like to be informed, please provide your personal details at the end of the form.

Please rest assured that the information you give in this survey, including your email address, will be kept strictly confidential.

Again, thanks very much!

Your Wish List

1.1.  What makes a good lottery site?
 Very ImportantImportantSomewhat ImportantNot Important
Large cash prizes: $1 Million, $10 Million, $100 Million, $1 Billion
Merchandise prizes
Great odds so very good chance of winning
Repeated draws so someone always wins
I get 100% of prize: no sharing
I can review, change & upgrade entries at any time
Access via PC with credit/debit card or e-currency
Access via Internet Cafe with cash
Impartial syndicate management system
Easy, no fuss payouts
Fun to play
Information about how the lottery works
Trustworthy, credible operation
Public disclosure of all financial & legal information
Wealth creation & personal fulfillment tools
Other (Please specify below)
1.2.  Others not listed above
1.3.  Which of these lottery types appeals to you the most: *
1.4.  Would you like to learn more about lottery-related issues such as:
  (Please check all that apply.)
1.5.  If you could learn more about the issues you have checked in the question above, in what format would you like to receive the information?
  (Please check all that apply.)
1.6.  What is missing from most online lottery sites that you wish was offered?
  Example: products, tips, articles, courses, type of information, etc. Please be as specific as possible.
1.7.  Would you pay for ebooks and courses if they contained valuable information? *

About You

2.1.  What other types of websites do you visit most often?
  (Please check all that apply.)
2.2.  What other types of websites do you buy from most often?
  (Please check all that apply.)
2.3.  How frequently do you play online lotteries? *
2.4.  Approximately how much do you typically spend each time you play? *
2.5.  How old are you? *

More Information

3.1.  If you would like to be informed when the lottery is live, please provide this information. It will be kept confidential:
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Thank you for sharing your ideas and suggestions!