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Security - Secure Surveys - SSL

Overview: Secure Socket Layer - SSL . The url will show https: instead of http:, a security lock will show up in the bottom right-hand side of your screen. Any survey published to an account on the Infopoll serer can be SSL enabled, just add an s to http:, such as https:

Seminar Evaluation With SSL.

Custom Programming Examples

Gap Analysis

Overview: More to follow

Gap Analysis Example

Gap Analysis Report

Bookmark Feature - Edit submitted Responses

Overview: The bookmark feature allows the respondent to submit their responses to a survey and create a special bookmark.The bookmark allows the respondent to edit their submitted responses at a later date. The bookmark feature uses a password feature to prevent unauthorized accesses(editing)

Bookmark Feature Example

Multi Language Surveys

Overview:Several forms in different languages - All data captured in a single database for analysis purposes. The results can be viewed over all or broken down by language by using the language cross tab in the report

Example Not available at this time

Feedback Form with Confirmation

Overview: Provides a confirmation number to the respondent. Can be used for coupons

Feedback Form With Confirmation Example

Respondent Tracking

Overview: Respondent Tracking Survey - Encoded URL's . We can encode the URLs to track the respondents in the Survey data. All you have to do is supply the identifiers (i.e customer numbers, email addresses etc)

Example Not available at this time