Infopoll Professional Consulting Services


In addition to our automated Web-based hosting solutions, Infopoll offers a full suite of value-added, turnkey professional services designed to make even the most complex and detailed research project successful, efficient, and methodologically sound.

Our professional service offerings include a variety of research and project consulting services, e-research and survey design, data analysis and reporting, and a complete line of additional business services from survey data entry and translation services to incentive fulfillment.

Research consulting

Infopoll's experienced staff of Research Consultants can add value to any research project from full project design and management to assistance in fine-tuning a single survey question. All members of our research team have years of traditional market research experience, and each has significant experience conducting Internet-based studies.

Project consulting and research design

Need help converting a traditional research design to an online methodology? Not sure what information to collect or how to apply survey findings to decision-making? Infopoll's Research Managers help our clients with challenges like these everyday. We can take your research objectives and turn them into a completely managed project from design to reporting, or we can help you at any step of the way. Additionally we can:

Survey questionnaire design

Whether we use our pre-existing survey libraries or write custom questions tailored to deliver the perspective you need, Infopoll's custom survey designs are unique to every client we work with.

Our involvement in the survey design process varies with the needs of the individual client. It can be as simple as suggesting wording on a single question, or as comprehensive as reviewing a website and developing an entirely new questionnaire. We frequently translate existing mail and telephone surveys to work better in an online environment.

Advanced data analysis and customized reporting

Infopoll's real-time reporting engine's customizable interface builds reports on the fly. Reports include an overall project summary, toplines (or frequencies), and groupings of verbatim answers by other questions.

Also, Infopoll representatives are available for on-site presentation of findings. Whether you require a working session to examine results, interpretations, and next steps, or a polished presentation for upper-management, Infopoll has the research personnel to meet your needs.

Additional business services

In addition to our professional service offerings, we also provide a number of convenient business services designed to make your online research projects successful and hassle-free.

  1. Survey Data Entry
    We recognize that not everyone wants to get involved with the details of constructing a survey. Infopoll's trained staff of technicians can quickly and easily port your survey questions into our automated Infopoll Server system.
  2. Automated Incentive Fulfillment
    Survey incentives can dramatically increase survey response rates. Infopoll's incentive fulfillment program can insure that you get higher response rates without the headache of having to manage the entire process yourself. In addition to managing client-provided incentives such as gift certificates, discounts, or product/service giveaways, Infopoll has partnered with some of the world's leading charities to offer online donations that entice respondents to participate in your survey, drive-up the quality of your data, and create good will for your company.
  3. Language Translation
    Breaking down the language barrier is crucial to enhancing the market outreach and communications with your prospects, customers, suppliers and employees worldwide. Infopoll offers complete language translation services designed to widen the representative base of respondents for your online surveys.