How Infopoll Works - A Guided Tour

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Step 5: Execute your surveys by email, web, telephone interview and more...

With the Survey Form URL address,  you are ready to conduct your survey. There are several ways you can do this:

Web Site Surveys

One of easiest methods of conducting a survey is to use the Web. Just link your survey form URL to a page located on your web site. You can publicize your survey form by registering your URL with many popular Internet search engine databases and telling your clients to go to your Web page to fill out and submit the survey form. Right now, many companies use this method for site visitors to:

Email Surveys

If you have Email addresses of your target audience, you can attach your survey form URL to an email message. This will directly link participants to your survey form ready to respond.

Email is widely used in corporate environments. It is the most economical and fastest way to conduct the following types of surveys:

Telephone Interview Surveys

Telephone interviewers can log in to your Web survey page using the survey form URL address. Then they can call the target audience and ask the questions shown on the survey form. The interviewer fills in the survey form as they receive the respondents' answers. After finishing the telephone interview, they simply click the submit button to send the answers to the Infopoll server for immediate analysis.  One of the key advantages with Infopoll is that telephone interviewers can be located at different sites and conduct the survey at same time. This type of survey method is best used in:

Fax and Regular Paper Surveys

With Infopoll, you can quickly create your questionnaire and publish it to the Infopoll Server. Print out your survey form from a Web browser and send out your survey form together with a letter or memo to your clients through fax or regular mail. When the responses start coming in, you log into your web survey form URL to fill in and submit information according to the answers received for immediate analysis.

Personal Interview Surveys

Design and setup your questionnaire. From a web browser, you can print out the survey form and make as many copies as you wish. Give the survey form to the interviewers. The interviewers write down the answers directly on the survey form when conducting the personal interview. After completing the interview, log in to your survey form URL, fill in the questions, and submit the form on line based on the recorded answers so that the analysis can be completed automatically.

Also the conductor of the interviews can bring a computer or use a computer in an interviewee’s office to connect to the Infopoll web server to record the answers to the questions directly for immediate survey analysis.

Internet News Group Surveys

You can also send your survey form to one or several related Internet news groups. Users of the news groups can directly fill out the form and submit. 

Of course, you can also choose to combine two or more ways to survey at the same time.

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